Day four


It is midday of day four of what I’m calling a cleanse.  I’m happy to report that cravings are minimal except for my NUGO bars.  Definitely craving those!!  One, because they are sooo damn yummy, two because they are so damn convenient!  I’m really struggling to stay on my eating schedule without the bars.  The only non processed, non perishable foods that is easy to grab on the fly are nuts and dried fruit…that I can think of on the fly anyway.  My fat intake is through the roof this week because I’m subsisting off of nuts and seeds all day.  I’ve gotta find a better alternative.  That is my goal for this weekend…find snacks to replace my NUGO bars with for when I spend the entire day on the run, which is most days.  That will make this easier on me.  Right now I’m either starving because I don’t have anything with me or I’m eating nuts and seeds ask day long.  Ugh!

I’m open to all suggestions!


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