Wow, it finally hit!


Life has been a bit insane lately, so posting hasn’t been possible, but I have got to tell you about my Sunday.  Sunday was day 7 of the cleanse and I had a fantastic morning.  I woke up, snuggled with the honey and then left to train a client.  We did a nice walk/run interval on a gorgeous morning and it put me in a great mood!  When I got home, I went for my own outdoor workout which got interrupted as another woman and I saved a lovebird that obviously escaped its home.  That cooled me off enough that I gave up and went home.  I decided to get a start on my grocery shopping and hit Sprouts, my favoritist of all grocery stores.  Yes, favoritist is a word 🙂

Anyway, my tradition at Sprouts is to explore the bin foods and taste some chocolate here and there.  Well, out of habit I headed towards the bins when it hit me that I can’t do that!  That brought me up short.  It was just so automatic to head over and eat some chocolate that I didn’t even think about it.  That in and of itself was an eye opener, but then the disappointment I felt for not being able to taste and experience all of the textures and yumminess was also surprising.  But, I got over it and went on with my grocery shopping and seemed to be okay.  However, within 30-45 minutes I crashed…HARD!  I went from okay to downright grumpy!  I was feeling resentful and mean and unhappy and crabby and everything negative, and the feelings were extremely strong and didn’t feel controllable!  Now, for those of you that don’t know me, I can feel down and blue every once in a while like most people and I can get downright pissed with the best of them over…something, but to get resentful and snappy over nothing is just not typically in my makeup.  It was an awful feeling and it came out of nowhere, just WHAM!  I didn’t get over it the whole day.

Now, let me back up a bit.  I hadn’t experienced any real cravings until the weekend.  David and I went to the ballet Friday night and that is when we usually enjoy a drink or two.  It was very difficult for both of us not to drink that night.  That was the first really strong craving I had had.  Then, Saturday night, after the kids went to sleep, we were craving a drink again because we were used to having a beverage while we sat on the patio or the lawn watching the moon and stars.  Then, Sunday is when the chocolate craving hit.  I’m not sure if it was the buildup of the cravings or what, but Sunday is when I snapped and my mood went sour.

The good news is I didn’t give into the cravings at any point and once I got through Sunday, I snapped back to normal.  My mood is leveled out again and although the cravings are still coming, I’m not crashing like I did on Sunday.  That was intense and I hope that I don’t get another one of those :/

It’s a bit funny, but I’m actually gaining weight now that I’ve taken out the chocolate and alcohol.  I’m eating a lot more real food, nuts, and fruit than normal to compensate for the lack of sugar as well as the lack of bars.  I didn’t expect that at all, so each week I’m refining my meal plan even further.  My meals are more balanced this week, but I’ve noticed my diet is still really high in nuts, which means fat, so I need to pull back on those and replace them with lower fat/calorie foods.

This process has definitely been eye opening for me.  I am really glad I am doing it!  The process of withdrawal and cravings aren’t fun, but it is making me more self aware, stronger, and a better health coach.  I suggest an exercise like this for anyone that is concerned that they have an unhealthy relationship with certain foods.  It will either confirm or deny it so you can determine the best path for yourself going forward. 


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