What do you do to live your best life?


Once a month I receive a newsletter meant to give me encouragement. I think it a fantastic newsletter filled with great insights and inspiration. The newsletter is fromTom Reid and is called Encouraging You. In this month’s newsletter is the following article which helped to remind me how much potential there is in my life, I simply need to capitalize on that potential to make my life as magnificent as I want it to be.

As we focus on our fitness and nutrition, we can get so tunnel focused we forget that we are more than our weight. Food and fitness should be elements that help us live long, active lives…they shouldn’t take over our lives. This is extremely important to remember while you work through your journey to health.


We have no idea of what tomorrow will bring. Or even if it will come at all.

In one of my favorite movies, Dead Poets Society, Robin Williams plays a boarding school teacher trying desperately to convey one simple concept before his students get too jaded by life.

You probably remember the scene. The teacher, Mr. Keating, walks past a row of student in his class and beckons them to follow him down the hallway. Standing before the trophy case, he asks one of the students to read.

Gather ye rosebuds while you may, Old time is still a-flying; And this same flower that smiles today tomorrow will be dying.

Earlier, Keating had made the boys stop to think about the import of their lives with the statement: “The powerful play goes on, and each of us can contribute a verse. What will your verse be?”

With that thought floating through the hallways of their minds, the boys stand transfixed, gazing into the faces captured in old photographs of basketball and football teams. Faces, now with hollow stares, which once reflected the same hopes and beliefs as theirs – dreams that probably went unfulfilled.

Keating’s students realize that they don’t know anything about the people behind the faces, except that they are gone. “Fertilizing daffodils,” Keating muses. Then he plants a life-changing paradigm shift for the boys, and for those of us watching from our seats, who have now been drawn into the scene, when he whispers:

“Carpe…carpe…carpe diem…seize the day, boys…make your lives extraordinary.”

Carpe diem.

God has given you one life to live – make it count. Carpe diem – seize the day! Today and tomorrow and the next day…as long as He determines.

Live your life like it matters…because it does!

Each day there are certain things that I try to do to ensure I’m living my best life:
1. Try to make someone else smile or feel good about themselves
2. Tell or show a friend or family member how much I love them
3. Take the time to appreciate my surroundings
4. Take care of my mind, body, and spirit by eating well, spending time outside, participating in an activity I enjoy, journaling if I need it, listening to music that makes me happy, and creating quiet or social time as I need it.

Things I’d like to do more of are:
1. Read more to expand my learning
2. Do a good deed daily, big or small
3. Dedicate more time building more meaningful relationships with people in my life

What do you do to live your best life?




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