Snacks on the go…



School is out and temps are over 100 degrees…yup, summer is here!  With summer comes lots of vacations, travel, and fun activities, which makes it tough to stick to a regular eating schedule unless you pack some easily portable snacks.  So, what are some of your favorite on-the-go snacks for those times when you will be out of the house most of the day?


3 thoughts on “Snacks on the go…

  1. My favorite on the go snacks:

    Slice of baked oatmeal
    Low sugar KIND bar
    TJs frozen brown rice (reheated before packing) mixed with TJs Balela salad (I eat it cold in the car)
    Hummus and veggie sticks
    Lara bar
    Stuffed grape leaves
    Protein powder (I just add ice and water wherever I’m at and shake it up)
    Black bean/corn salsa with baked chips or mixed with brown rice
    Quinoa tabouli

    I noticed my nutrition became very imbalanced when my schedule got so busy I had to eat in the car. I was eating more nuts and grains and less fruits and vegetables, so I’ve started packing a cooler so I could keep veggies and fruits with me even though it is over 100 degrees out. It has been working out really well!

  2. Lisa

    My current faves,

    Salmon Jerky
    Almonds and raisins or another dried fruit.

    Although I am finding that I want a snack when I get in the car. It is becoming a habit to want to eat when I get in the car, not the habit I wanted to develop, so a little modification will need to be made for me here.
    Today I will try gum.

  3. Driving can be either really boring or really aggravating, so I can see where that could lead you to want to grab for a snack. Most people eat when they are bored or stressed out. Driving can do both 🙂 Gum is a great solution! I personally use distraction. For example, using a hands-free headset to talk on the phone, listening to books on tape, eating a serving of frozen grapes, enjoying a large iced green tea, or meal planning in my head for the next day.

    Anybody have any other ideas?

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