Father’s Day


Father’s day usually means family and food.  A few things you can do to enjoy the day and still hit your goals ate to:

1. Eat before you go to an event

2. Bring a covered dish with you that you know is healthy and yet yummy for all.

3. Peruse all of your options first and then choose one decadent item that you really want.  Eat only one serving of it. Savor and enjoy it without guilt.

4. Limit yourself to 1 alcoholic drink it you are a woman and 2 if you are a man. Remember, you want to lose weight.  Alcohol works directly against that goal.  Most diets wouldn’t allow you any, and in truth, unless you really crave something I would forego the drinking too and avoid the empty calories and increase in blood sugar.

I hope this helps!  Enjoy your Father’s day weekend!!


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