Lost 23lbs in a week!!


Did I capture your attention?  

It’s true;  I had a client lose 23lbs in one week.  You know how?  We took salt out of his diet.  That’s how much water weight he lost in a week.  Other clients lost an average of 5-10lbs in a week by reducing sodium.  In fact, I lost 7 lbs in a week when I reduced sodium from my diet.

Sodium is actually a necessary mineral for the body.  The problem is that we ingest too much of it.  The two primary issues with ingesting too much sodium is bloat and hypertension.

So, here is a list of food where sodium in surprisingly high.  These are in no specific order.

1.  CANNED ANYTHING – tomato sauce, beans, veggies, soup, tuna fish, etc.  Unless it says “no salt added” or “very low sodium” it is too high in sodium to be considered healthy.

2. SALAD DRESSINGS – especially the low fat variety.  I suggest making your own or replacing dressing with balsamic vinegar or fresh citrus juice.  I prefer lime juice, myself.

3. DAIRY – especially cottage cheese, but all dairy is relatively high in sodium.  Removing dairy from my diet caused me to lean out a lot.

4. CHICKEN – most poultry is injected with a salt solution to make it more tender.  Butterball and Southern Farms are two brands that inject their meat.  Purdue does not.  There should be less than 75mg of sodium per serving.  Injected chicken typically has 250mg per serving.

5. PROCESSED MEATS – deli meat, sausage, bacon, ham, jerky, salami, hot dogs, etc are all very high in sodium.

6. CONDIMENTS/SAUCES – ketchup, BBQ sauce, any Asian sauce, some mustards, pickles/relish, etc

7. BREADS – bagels are very high, flour tortillas, sandwich bread, etc.  This is just another reason to avoid processed foods.

8. FROZEN MEALS – most frozen fruits and vegetables that don’t have a sauce are sodium free, but everything else is typically pretty high.

9. PROCESSED FOODS – chips, pretzels, crackers, box mixes, anything preseasoned, cookies, etc

10. BARS –  many protein or energy bars are high in sodium.  They tout all the reasons they are healthy but many are not.  Read the nutrition labels.

Reducing sodium is a great way to lose weight and reduce the risk of diabetes and hypertension.  Try removing or reducing the items from this list and watch the scale move.


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