The Benefits Of Color



Healthy fitness salad

All of you know that I’m a big promoter of incorporating as much color into your diet as possible. I found a great article that details the benefits of each color.

Basically the brighter the color,  the more phytonutrients exist in that food.  Phytonutrients act as antioxidants and provide additional nutritional support to the body above and beyond vitamins and minerals.

Here is a summary:

Blue/purple (anthocyanin): heart health, reduce blood pressure, reduce risk of blood clots

Green (isothiocyanates): reduces risk of cancer,  helps to remove carcinogens from the body. Great source of vitamin k, folic acid,  and potassium

Yellow/green (lutein): eye health; great source of Vitamin C

Red (Lycopene): reduces risk of cancer and heart attacks, reduces inflammation

Yellow/Orange (beta-cryptoxanthin, alpha-carotene and beta-carotene): eye health and improved immune system, great source of Vitamin A






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