Anyone else crave Super Supreme Pizza or is it just me?


When I was a kid, one of my favorite places to eat was Pizza Hut.  Yeah, I know, I know. 🙂  Anyway, my favorite was the Super Supreme pan pizza.  To this day, I still miss that pizza!

So, I decided to make something that tasted pretty darn close.  Even eaten cold for breakfast the next day, as any good pizza should be, it’s delicious! 🙂  Admittedly, you can’t eat it with your hands, as it is actually a casserole, but it is just as delicious. Promise!!

Are you ready for it????????

Super Supreme Pizza Quinoa Recipe

1c uncooked quinoa (read package directions and cook accordingly, then put aside)

Chopped onion to taste

Chopped bell pepper to taste

Mushrooms to taste

1 small can sliced black olives drained

3-4 slices Low sodium, nitrate free deli ham cut into 1″ pieces

10 Turkey pepperoni cut into quarters

1 hot italian chicken sausage link (cook this until done and then chop up)

Jar of your favorite pizza/spaghetti sauce

1c shredded goat gouda (good texture and flavor for this dish…doesn’t taste goaty 🙂  You can get this at Trader Joe’s)

Once the quinoa and sausage are cooked, mix all ingredients together in a bowl except the cheese.  The amount of sauce you add is up to your liking.  I had a large jar of sauce, so I used 3/4 of it instead of the entire thing.  Add any Italian spices you think it needs (maybe some extra garlic and oregano).  Press the mixture into a baking dish and sprinkle the cheese over the top.  Bake for approximately 30 minutes at 350 degrees.  Viola!  Super delicious!

As always, you can change out the toppings to fit your own tastes, just keep nutrition and weight loss in mind.  Also, I use gluten and dairy free products because I believe gluten and dairy are inflammatory.  It is your choice whether you do the same.

This is healthy comfort food at its finest if I do say so myself.  When you have a craving for pizza, turn to this recipe for a sure fire winner.