Amazing Healthy Facts About Dark Chocolate, You Are Going to Love it Even More!


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dark chocolate

Dark chocolate nutrition has clearly stated that a bar of chocolate gives you better health and fulfills overall nutrition of your body. Curious to know all the health benefits of dark chocolate? Here you go.

1: Cardiovascular Benefits

If you wish to lower the risk of heart attack and stroke, a small piece of dark chocolate as part of your daily diet could help a lot. The antioxidant compounds and flavonoids present in the dark chocolate play a very vital role in enhancing the flexibility of arteries and veins thereby regulating the flow of the blood. The chances of high blood pressure are spontaneously lowered and the cardiovascular complications are kept at bay. It is really a blessing that a small square of healthy dark chocolate has the power to ward off the deadly dangers of heart problems.

2: Gives you an Ideal Figure

Dark chocolate nutrition help you satiate all the unnecessary cravings you encounter during the day. This small piece of dark chocolate could help satisfy your taste buds and help avoid binge eating on sugary food and drinks through out the day. People looking to cut down on calorie intake should replace with sugary foods with this.

3: Reduces Risk of Diabetes

The flavonoids in the dark chocolate escalate the production of nitric oxide, which in turn plays very significant role in controlling the insulin sensitivity. Research indicates that flavonol epicatechin in cococa has impact on insulin signaling and glucose production.

4: Tasty and Side-effect Free Anti-Depressant

Whether a housewife, student or a professional; everyone on earth is destined to come under psychological pressures and tension at some or the other times. Dark chocolate produces stress busting endorphins in the brain. Endorphins are stimulated by the phenylethylamine or PEA found in the dark chocolate. The release or production of endorphins in the brain makes one feel relaxed and happier. The dark chocolate may not be considered to be the medicine or diet to bring someone out of depression but it does lighten you up. If you face any kind of mental pressure, bite on a bar of dark chocolate because the caffeine present in the dark chocolate is quite beneficial in revitalizing your mood and improving cognitive functions of your brain. Unlike the caffeine in the coffee, the caffeine in the dark chocolate does not make anyone addictive to it and therefore is a risk free solution.

5:  Effective Anti-Aging Drink

Who does not want to look young? No one likes wrinkles on their face or skin. The breakdown of collagen in the skin is reduced to a great extent as cocoa brings down the stress hormones and as a consequence the wrinkles on the skin are slowly reduced. The skin thus becomes fresh and young from inside and it makes one look younger. The aging symptoms are thus controlled by drinking hot dark chocolate.

6: Natural Sunscreen

One of the external factors that damage the skin is the harsh sunlight. The UV rays can severely damage the skin and it may take quite long to recover. The antioxidants like flavonols play important role in protecting the skin from harsh sunlight and UV rays. Dark chocolate improves the blood flow in the skin and makes sure the skin is hydrated.

7: Great for Teeth

Unlike white or processed chocolate, the organic cocoa containing dark chocolate is a wonderful food for your teeth. Dark chocolate makes your teeth healthier and brighter. The enamel protects the teeth from abrasion and any other external or internal damages. The loss or reduction of the required amount of enamel can be very dangerous to the teeth. Dark chocolate nutrition facts tell us that it is rich in theobromine, which strengthens the tooth enamel and protects your teeth.

8: Prevents Cancer

The free radicals in the body not only escalate the aging process but also can become the cause of various types of cancers. One of the best ways to keep the body free from free radicals is the consumption of food items that are rich anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants play crucial role in removing these free radicals from your body. Dark chocolate is laden with anti-oxidants, which discard the carcinogenic elements from the body.

9: Lowers the risk of Alzheimer

The dark chocolate has lots of iron. It counters all the mental problems and enhances cognitive functions, such that it lowers the risk of Alzheimer to a great degree. The pregnant women are advised to consume certain amount of healthy dark chocolate so that the baby in the womb develops properly and acquires the strength to fight the risk of Alzheimer.

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