How much dark chocolate can I eat?



(Image by Ghirardelli)

I don’t know about you, but that was my first question after reading my last post.  Here I am, trying to be healthy and LEAN and I’m promoting the benefits of dark chocolate.  Great, but how much dark chocolate do I have to eat (yeah right! I really mean, “…can I eat”) to actually gain the health benefits from that last article.

Not to ruin the surprise but the answer is only 6.7g per day.  So, if you are anything like me that number means nothing.  Luckily, the Easter bunny gave me those bite sized Ghirardelli dark chocolate squares for Easter.  Those little suckers are 11g, which means you only need to eat approx 60% of one of those little squares to get the health benefits you read about.  Based on your perspective, this is either good or bad news to you.  I honestly wanted an excuse to eat an entire 3.5oz bar per day, but (heavy sigh) I guess it’s not to meant be.

So, read this article and see the science behind the number.


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