How To Replace Eggs In Your Recipes!


Swanson Health Blog brings to you a Top 7 Vegan Egg Substitution.

There are many reasons people choose to eliminate eggs from their diet: they’ve chosen to lead a more plant-based lifestyle (veganism and some forms of vegetarianism), concerns with environmental and human contamination, conditions chickens are raised in, cholesterol concerns, or allergies. Regardless, we’re here to help make sense of how to replace eggs in your recipes. This post is going to be especially beneficial for vegan baking, as converting a non-vegan recipe to vegan is usually going to involve substituting the egg with another ingredient.

All of the substitutions below replace one egg. (Double, triple, quadruple, etc., if necessary to follow your recipe.)


1. Ground Flax seeds – Mix 1 Tablespoon of ground flax with 3 Tablespoons of water. Stir with a fork until mixture is thick, creamy and egg-like.

2. Chia Seeds – Put 1 Tablespoon of chia seeds in 1/3 cup of water. Stir and then let sit for 15 minutes, until it becomes gelatinous. Learn more about chia seed uses.

3. Soy Protein – Mix 1 Tablespoon of soy protein powder with 3 Tablespoons of water. Mix thoroughly.

4. Agar Agar Flakes – Mix 1 Tablespoon of agar agar with 3 Tablespoons of water.

5. Ripe Bananas – Take 1/2 of a ripe banana and mash with a fork.

6. Applesauce – Measure out 1/4 cup of unsweetened applesauce.

7. Peanut Butter – Use 3 Tablespoons of organic peanut butter.

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