Post Holiday Detox to Reset the Body


Healthy fitness salad

For many of us, the holidays equal excess…excess sugar, sodium, saturated fat, and refined carbohydrates.  So, a balanced detox program the week following a holiday is a great way to keep your metabolism revved while cleansing your body of all of that excess.  They key is ensuring a nice balance of all of your macronutrients (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates) in their least processed state, cooked with a minimum of sodium, sugar, and unhealthy fats.  Then, add in a few naturally detoxing elements such as lemon, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, ginger, organic leafy greens, and other detox friendly foods and you have yourself a fantastic cleanse that is gentle on the body and easy to enjoy.  The best part is, you get to eat!  So, no fighting off hunger pains, brain fog and exhaustion while participating in this detox.  Instead, you can rev your metabolism, maintain your muscle mass and shed unwanted bloat.  Not a bad deal!

Halloween is the first of many holidays we are about to enjoy to finish off the year.  You may not see Halloween as a holiday, but it is definitely a day filled with excess sugar, fat and refined carbohydrates.  Like ghouls and goblins, candy is EVERYWHERE!!!  So, why not try out this detox diet the Tuesday-Sunday following that caloric day?  You will see how well it works and how good you feel.  The holidays will be less stressful knowing you have something healthy you can count on to get you back on track if you get a little excessive.

Here is how it works:  Each day, pick one of the three recipes provided for each meal.  If you like things easy and consistent, you can eat the same meals every day.  If you like to mix things up, then you have options.  I can’t take credit for the recipes I’m about to provide; they are from various blogs and websites on the internet.  I’ve simply found them and partnered them to ensure that your daily caloric and nutritional intake is balanced no matter how you match them.

Whether you are a believer in organic food in your everyday life or not, I highly recommend going organic on all possible ingredients when detoxing, this includes your protein.  Also, don’t hesitate to switch out the protein in any of the recipes.  For example, if you don’t like shrimp, then replace with wild, organic salmon or organic, cage-free chicken.  If you are vegetarian, then swap out chicken for organic tofu, tempeh or other vegetarian “meat”.  Stay away from beef and other meats high in saturated fat while on the detox.

Lastly, this detox is generic, meaning it does not take any allergies or “diseases” into consideration.  So, if you have hypothyroidism, hypertension, diabetes, nut allergies, seafood allergies, etc., please modify as necessary to meet your dietary needs.


Key: W= serving size for women,  M= serving size for men

Breakfast options: (eat within 1 hour of waking):

  1. Savory egg white oatmeal:
      1. Remove the vanilla from the recipe since we will use this recipe as a base for a savory meal
      2. This recipe makes 1 serving for men and 2 servings for women
    2. Top oatmeal with 1 (w) or 2 (m) additional egg(s), ¼ (w)- ½ (m) cup salsa, ¼ (w) – ½ (m) sliced avocado and any other vegetables you would like to add J
  2. Stuffed sweet potato
      1. ½ small sweet potato is the serving for women; 1 small sweet potato is the serving for men
      2. ¼ sliced avocado is serving for women; ½ sliced avocado is serving for men
    2. Cook 1 egg (w) or 2 eggs (m) in your preferred style (I love over medium – Yum!) and place on top of stuffed potato
  3. Zen quinoa bowl
      1. Reduce salt to a pinch

AM Snacks: (eat 2-3 hours after breakfast)

  1. Lean and Green smoothie
  2. Green and Clean Machine Smoothie
  3. Avocado Energy smoothie

All three green smoothie recipes can be found here:

Lunch: (eat 2-3 hours after snack)

  1. Garlicky quinoa and shrimp
    2. Sautee some greens and chopped tomato to mix into this recipe for additional nutrition and color
  2. Superfood quinoa bowl (vegan!!)
  3. Healing bowl

PM Snacks: (eat 2-3 hours after lunch)

  1. Lean and Green smoothie
  2. Green and Clean Machine Smoothie
  3. Avocado Energy smoothie

All three green smoothie recipes can be found here:

Dinner Options:

  1. Detox chicken and vegetable soup
      1. Use low sodium chicken broth
  2. Detox salad with grilled chicken or garbanzo beans
      1. Reduce sugar to 1T or remove entirely
    3. If vegetarian/vegan, replace chicken with
  3. Shrimp and Asparagus
    2. I recommend replacing the lemon sauce with this sauce:
      1. Limit honey to 1T
      2. Reduce oil to 2T and switch out EVOO for a higher temp oil such as regular olive oil or coconut oil
      3. Add 1T corn starch

Optional Dessert if having a craving:

  1. 3-ingredient brownie
      1. I used 1/2c raw cacao and they were very dark and rich
      2. These are not sweet, so they will fill your craving for a dessert without setting off any sugar cravings

Optional detox water to drink throughout the day: